Microsoft Project 2016


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Microsoft Project 2016

Our Microsoft Project 2016 training materials provides you with a fully-customizable package of courseware content for delivering Microsoft Office training to your employees and/or students. Everything you need to run the course is included, just add trainer!

All courseware print licences are perpetual – buy once and use forever!

  • Complete. Includes content at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
  • Fully customizable. Sold on a site licence basis, you can tailor ALL content to meet specific learning or corporate requirements.
  • Digital download. Content is available to download after purchase.
  • Proven. Our course materials are used in hundreds of training centres around the world. Every course is fully beta tested and validated in the classroom before undergoing a full production release.
  • Simple… No need to invest in expensive DTP applications – all files are easily editable in any word processor.
  • Print on demand. You only need to print exactly what you need, when you need it.
  • Totally flexible. Courses can be modified to meet specific requirements. Sections can be removed. New content added. One or more titles can be combined. Whatever your training requirements, our courseware can help you meet that need.
  • Unlimited users. Content is sold on a site licence basis. You can train as many staff or employees at that location as you like. Forever!
  • Buy once. Use forever! You’re buying a perpetual licence. One payment gives you an unlimited site licence for use as long as you need it.
  • No limits! Unlike some content providers, our licence enables you to reprint the courseware as many times as you like. 1 student or 100,000. No limits…

Student manual

Fully customisable. May be opened in any word processor and changed to meet your exact needs.

Student workbook

Fully customisable. Additional book includes series of practical tasks and review questions.

Student workbook exercises

Sample exercises to accompany the student workbook.

Trainer manual

Fully customisable with additional information for trainers.

Timetable and lesson plans

Detailed timetable and plans ensure you deliver the best possible course

PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint presentations. Fully customisable. Complete set of PowerPoint slides for use by the trainer.

Course contents: Part One

  • Project Management 101 • Projects • Project Management • Project Management Processes • Project Management Knowledge Areas • Triple Constraint • Project Sponsors and Stakeholders
  • Navigate and Customize the Project 2016 Interface • The Start Screen • Methods for Creating New Projects • Gantt Chart View • The View Bar • The Project Interface • The Ribbon Interface • The Quick Access Toolbar • The Status Bar • The Timeline • Getting Help with Tell Me
  • Add Tasks to a Project • Project Tasks • Manually Scheduled vs. Auto Scheduled Tasks • Task Information Dialog Box • Task Durations • Task Links • Inactivating Tasks
  • Add Resources to a Project • Project Resources • Resource Sheet View • Resource Information Dialog Box • Types of Resources • Resource Pools
  • Save a Project • Places to Save Projects • Save Options • Review Questions
  • Manage Project Time Frames • The Project Information Dialog Box • Project Start and Finish Dates • Current Date • Base Calendars
  • Change Working Time • The Change Working Time Dialog Box • The Legend • Working vs. Nonworking Times • Exceptions • Exception Recurrence • Review Questions
  • Manage Project Tasks • Task Information Dialog Box • General Task Information • Task Predecessors • Resources to Accomplish Tasks • Advanced Task Information • Task Constraints • Task Notes
  • Add Summary Tasks and Milestones • Summary Tasks and Subtasks • Project Summary Task • Outline Numbers • Task Milestones • Review Questions
  • Manage Project Resources • Resource Information Dialog Box • General Resource Information • Resource Costs • Resource Notes
  • Allocate and Level Work Resources • Team Planner • Managing Unassigned Tasks • Resource Allocation and OverAllocation • Leveling Resources • Changing and Removing Assigned Resources • Replacing Resources • Review Questions
  • Print Project Views • Prepare a View for Printing • Printing Options
  • Share Projects • Share Category of Backstage View • Sync with SharePoint • E-Mailing a Project
  • Export Projects • Export Category of Backstage View • Exporting Options • Review Questions
  • Appendices • Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference Sheet • Mapping to Microsoft Office Project 2016, Exam 74-343 • Glossary • Index

Course contents: Part Two

  • Link Projects • Linked Projects • Master Projects and Subprojects • Insert Subproject Options • Dependencies • Task Links Between Projects
  • Create and Use Resource Pools • Starting a Resource Pool • Linking a Project to the Pool • Creating a Resource Pool from Multiple Projects • Unlinking a Project from a Resource Pool • Updating a Resource Pool • Viewing Resource Availability Across Projects
  • Baseline a Project • Baselines • Setting a Baseline • Updating a Baseline • Clearing a Baseline • Viewing Variance with Baselines
  • Work with Custom Fields • Custom Fields • Adding Custom Fields • Lookup Tables • Formulas • Graphical Indicators • Custom Field Options • Viewing Custom Fields
  • Change Project Options • The Backstage View • General Project Options • Display Project Options • Schedule Project Options • Proofing Project Options • Save Project Options • Language Project Options • Advanced Project Options • Customizing the Ribbon • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar • Security Project Options
  • Extend Project with Apps • Apps for Office • Review Questions
  • Change a Task List • Schedule Options • Inserting Tasks • Insert Tasks Options • Splitting Tasks • Deleting Tasks • Moving Tasks • Unlinking Tasks • Relinking Tasks • Task Inspector • Task Path • Using the Task Form
  • Create a Network Diagram • Network Diagramming • Network Diagram View • Task Nodes • Adding Nodes and Links • Milestones and Summary Nodes • Paths
  • Manage the Critical Path • Critical Path • Viewing the Critical Path • Float (Slack)
  • Use Lag and Lead • Lag • Adding Lag Time • Lead • Adding Lead Time
  • Update Project Work • Setting the Status Date • % Complete vs. Physical % Complete • Marking Tasks on Track • Using the Update Tasks Dialog • Updating Work Completed • Using the Update Project Dialog • Rescheduling Uncompleted Work
  • Analyze Earned Value • Earned Value • Earned Value Methods • Changing the Earned Value Method • Preparing to Use Earned Value • Earned Value Report • Earned Value Tables • Review Questions
  • Use View Commands • Sorting Data • Outlining Data • Highlighting Data • Filtering Data • Grouping Data • Table Views
  • Use Existing Views • Default Views • More Views
  • Create Custom Views • New Views • Define New View Dialog Box • Single View • Combination View • Editing Views • Copying Views • The Organizer • Format Views
  • Format and Share the Timeline View • Timeline View • Adding and Removing Tasks • Creating Multiple Timelines • Formatting the Timeline • Sharing the Timeline • Review Questions
  • Use Existing Reports • Dashboard Reports • Types of Dashboard Reports • Resource Reports • Types of Resource Reports • Cost Reports • Types of Cost Reports • In Progress Reports • Types of In Progress Reports
  • Create Custom Reports • Creating a New Report • Report Design Commands • Chart Design Commands • Chart Format Commands • Chart Types • Chart Quick Analysis Commands • Table Design Commands • Table Layout Commands • The Field List • Field List Options • Hyperlinks in Reports • Images in Reports
  • Export Visual Reports • Visual Reports • Excel PivotCharts • Visio PivotDiagrams • Visual Reports Dialog Box Options • Review Questions
  • Appendices • Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference Sheet • Mapping to Microsoft Office Project 2016, Exam 74-343 • Glossary • Index